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Natural Base

Claudia Ahlering – Paintings

Hiromart Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Natural Base, an exhibition of new paintings by Claudia Ahlering, a Hamburg-based German artist.

Claudia Ahlering explores the possibilities of landscapes and nature paintings in these works. Inspiration came from the works of the romanticism of the 18th and 19th century, and she pursues what modern painting can do.
The show Natural Base, is her third solo-show with Hiromart Gallery and is her first solo-show in two years, features colorful oil paintings and monochrome watercolor paintings. In the paintings she uses the contrast of the detailed paintings with blank spaces.
Besides, new ink drawings will be shown in the show. Her ink drawing series are also well reputed in past shows, and will be understood as free, mental and more philosophical thinking works.

Natural Base
October 24 thru. November 30, 2014

Artist: Claudia Ahlering
Hours: 1 to 7 pm, Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays (and by appointment)

Artist Reception: Friday October 24, 6 pm

Artist Statement
I love the old masters as much as the modern painting. Residing in ‘realistic art’, I am focusing on the possibilities of artistic expressions in figurative paintings. I am trying to find a special mood in paintings and drawings. While I am working, I try to reflect on medium and life at the same time. Incapable to invent by applying the medium of painting, I rather observe and filter my interests to then give back.
In contrast, by drawing I am inventing things without any limits. Here, I am as fictional as I can be. Both forms of expression are used in a very different way from one another. But both are necessary for me to reflect upon life.


Born in 1972 in Diepholz. She studied Fine Arts and Paintings since 1991, including a scholarship at the École-des-Beaux-Arts in Paris. In 2004, Ahlering received the Elysee-Price for figurative painting in Hamburg. She had nine solo-shows at galleries in Hamburg, London and Tokyo since her debut solo show held in 2004 by Kunsttreppe Hamburg. Her work also exhibited at numerous group shows both domestically and internationally. Her first Graphic Novel „Ghetto Brother” in cooperation with Julian Voloj (Writer) is published in France in 2014, and be scheduled for publication in Germany, the U.S. and Spain in 2015. Currently she works and lives in Hamburg, Germany.

École-des-Beaux-Arts, Paris: 2004-2005
HAW Hamburg: 2004, Finals grade: Diploma
Fachhochschule Münster: 1996-1999
Apprenticeship glasspainting: 1994-1996
Fine Arts, Fachhochschule Hannover: 1991-1993

Landscape1MEDION Digital CameraCamping2

Image on Top: “Süllberg”, Below top: “Landscape 1” Oil on canvas, 40x50cm
Middle: “Spiegelung” (Reflection) Watercolor on paper, 29x42cm
Bottom: “Camping” Ink on paper, 24x32cm

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